Hua Hin

20 very good reasons to visit Hua Hin

Kiteboarders at Hua Hin beach

Kiteboarders at Hua Hin beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. The seafood. Take a walk down to the pier and enjoy faboulus seafood. Several excellent restaurants.

2. The beach. Hua Hin Beach is not Thailand’s mist pittoresque, but it is still my favourite.  Find a quiet spot, look at the kiters and people walking and jogging by. Watch thai kids throwing off their schhol uniforms and jump into the sea. Enjoy a glass of chardonnay at Veranda Lodge.

3. Downtown. The centre in Hua Hin has still got a unique charm. Take your time a lazy afternoon and wath the daily life – some artists painint, thai families preparing for dinner and monks meditating in the temple.

4. The harbour. By sunset a lot is happening down by the harbour. Some boats arrive and other fishermen are preparing for a long night at sea.

5. The hotel. Railway hotel alias Sofitel alias Grand Centara.  Hua Hins first hotel has still got its charm from the twenties. 16 hectar of class. Enjoy your afternoon tea. looking out on a stunning park and garden

6. The palace. Maruekatayawan, designed by Rama VI in 1923, fascinating thai arcitecture. Open for the public.

7. The night marked. A  tourist trap, of course, but we have to go theere every time we visit Hua Hin. Good food and som bargains.

8. The monkey mountain. In the southern end of the beach you find a hill, a temple and hundreds of monkeys. Fascinating to look at the monkeys diving into the sea. By the foot of the mountain you have a small fishing village, Kao Takiab. Nice to have yout lunch here, with your feet in the sand.

9. Khao Tao. Soutn of Monkey Mountain there is another long beach. In the end of it you find Khao Tao, an idyllic village and a uiqe temple.

10. Golf. Several world class courses.

11.  The railway station.  A charming landmark. Everybody wants to take pictures here.

12. Good connections. From Hua Hin its a relatively short and easy way to the metropol Bangkok and the paradise islands of Gulf of Thailand: Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan.

13. Cha-am. Close by, A nice  town wich reminds you of some lazy, south european tourist villages wit a long, nice beach.

14. Phetchaburi. An hour’s drive north of Hua Hin, Main attractions: Thailand’s largest national park, a fantastic cave with a lot of buddhas and the castle on the hill: , Khao Wang, Rama 4’s summer palace.

English: Hua Hin Market Village Center Court

English: Hua Hin Market Village Center Court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

15. Market Village. Hua Hins big shopping mall. Normally shopping malls are not an attraction, but this one is.

16. Myanmar. Kort vei til Myanmar. Sør for Hua Hin, ved provinshovedstaden, er det grenseovergang til spennende Myanmar som nå åpner grensene for turister.

17. El Murphy’s. Irish pub downtown. A very good band, Stonehead Band, are playing here almost every night.

18. The Hilton. Good night club, good restaurant og good bar.

19. Viewpoint. A park on a hill in Hua Hin with a nice view and a nice park, and a charming peacock that love beer..

20. Delizie. A very small italian restaurant in Sa Song Road. Excellent italian food.

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  1. Ja, Hua Hin er en fantastisk plass. Var der i sommer, og reiser tilbake i vinter. ETter en del turer til Phuket, trives jeg nå bedre her!


  2. Tilbaketråkk: Hua Hin Hunt Day 4

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