A perfect day in Bangkok – vintage shopping and a sky bar

lebuaPhoto: Sirocco

The We started this morning in The Lumpini Park, continued with an adventure in the Khlongs and then we visited Jim Thompsons House. Now it is time for something completely different: Welcome to Vintage Bangkok. There are vintage markeds all over the town. have visited ten of them. . You can find evything in shops and markeds, vintage cars and clothes from the 1970-ies. One of mye favorites is Again and Again. Here are glittery dresses, shirts, and selections of great quality skirts and pants. Buying online is very popular among the shop’s fans and new stock comes in twice a week. Although their girly vintage outfits are the focus, they do have shirts, jackets and shoes for men too.

And after some vintage shopping, its time for a visit in Bangkoks most spectacular bar, The Sky Bar, the coolest bar in Bangkok. On the 63rd floor of The Dome at lebua, the Sky Bar is the world’s highest open air bar, overlooking a panoramic view of Bangkok . Of the rooftop bars that crown the city, it is truly breathtaking. The bar juts out over the edge of the building with barely a barrier to separate the imbibers from the street some 800ft below.

63 floors up and overlooking the river, it has become a must-do for a sundowner cocktail. Around ten minutes’ walk from Saphan Taksin BTS it is very easy to find, just look up and walk towards the tall cream building with the gold dome on the roof. It may not be the most relaxed experience as people will flock here on a clear day and it gets crowded, but the vista is one you won’t forget in a hurry.

And after a couple of hours it’s time to retire to the hotel for a nice dinner at a very special hotel. More of that later.

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