A perfect day in Bangkok, second stop

10 am – 01 pm: An adventure in the klongs. The mighty Chao Praya flows quietly through the metropol. I love rivers because they have so much to tell you. They are full of life, and they don’t change. They have always been a magnet to all kinds of people since the morning of time, because of their fresh water, food and all kinds of boats that give energy to the muddy waters.

Bangkok’s charming riverside is brimming with stories to tell. I never get tired of the canals, or klongs, because of all the reasons I halve already mentioned, but also because of the huge contrasts that tell you som much of Thailand today. You can see big mansions, built by the thai nouveau rich, and beside some wooden sheds with several families inside one room, washing their clothes in the river. You pass by stilted wooden homes, so called floating kitchens, mobile shops and all kinds of colourful culture along the riverfront.

Please make a stop at Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. The temple is a huge attraction in itself (picture), and when you climb to the top of the temple you get an unforgettable sight of the mighty river and her surroundings.

There are several ways of getting around on the river. Just take the brilliant Sky train to the main pier and make your choice. But I will not recommend the fastest speed boats. The point is to take your time and just watch and experience Thailand and Bangkok, in all their hugh contrasts..

And now, Lunch: When you return to the main pier, it’s time for lunch. We are in a hurry, because there are so much more to see, so I recommend a local restaurant just 300 meters from the pier up the river: Queen of Curry, a small and friendly restaurant with great food and a great chef.


Down by the river



Contrasts: Poor and rivh, side by side


Chao Praya and Bangkok seen from Wat Arun, Temple of the dawn


Temple of the dawn


Idyllic site by the river

2012 desember 035

The Queen of Curry, a great chef

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