A perfect day in Bangkok, first stop

Imagine waking up in Bangkok early one morning. It’s already hot, the sun is shining and you wonder what to do. Well, listen to me. This is my guide to a perfect day in the City of Angels, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon.

8 – 10 AM: Lumpini Park: The tropical beauty. I once met a skinny, sporty american expat dressed in white shorts, white t-shirt and matching headband in the Lumpini Park. He was a retired army officer and told me that he grew up in the neighbourood of Central Park, New York. He had all his life been travelling around the world, and always been missing his childhood park. But that was until he settled in Bangkok. Now he had found his perfect place for jogging, thinking, walking and just enjoying life.

It reminds me of the fact that the most perfect roses also have their thorns.

The Lumpini Park is a 142-acre park in the heart of the main business district, on the north side of Rama IV Road, in short walking distance from the Sala daeng Sky train station. This park has rare open public spaces, trees and playgrounds and an artificial lake. The park is a wonderful tropical garden, particularly beautiful in the morning light.
There is one distinct difference beetween Lumpini Park and other idyllic parks: A couple of hundred giant lizards, a cousin of the feared Komodo, have settled in the park. This alligator sized lizards, correctly termed a water monitor, varanus salvator , have found the ponds and grassed area a perfect habitat. They can be dangerous, but they don’t come near you.
To me it is almost surreal to watch these monsterous lizards in the idyllic park. It reminds me of the fact that the most perfect roses also have their thorns.

lumpini park

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