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How the Norwegian airline can succeed in Thailand

The first Dreamliner with the the Norwegians’ colour and logo is in a hangar in Seattle, and Norwegians adventure in Asia can can begin. Will Norwegian succeed? Mainly it depends on four main issues.

1. The pleasureof travelling.Those who occasionally travel between Oslo and Bangkok knows how convenient and effective it is to travel on direct routes. My wife and I travelled with Qatar Airways last time we were in Bangkok, Airline of the year. two years in a row. It didn’t matter much when we had to get out of the plane in the middle of the night and spend some hours in an arab airport as welcoming and friendly as their view on their niqab-dresses women. If Norwegian manage to give us customers a pleasant and effective fliight, much is already achieved.

2. The business customers. Traditionally Norwegian has been a better airline for their private than their business customers. That has to change. Norwegian companies are more successful than most people think of. We have big companies as Telenor and Jotun, but there are many small and medium companies that do good business in Thailand, and are just waiting for the economies in countries like Vietnam and Burma to expand.

3. Price. Norwegian is a low price airline, but don’t do the same mistake as for example Ryanair.  The unions are strong in Norway, and a boicott could be very damaging. Don’t let the low price be a kind of religion. It is better toi travel safe and pay a little bit more, than goiing to war with your unions and customers.

4. Thai crew. Norwegian want to run the Bangkok route from Bangkok and hire thai employees. Go ahead, if the Goverment agree. But don’t forget what you are and where you come from. I beleive that many scandinavien customers like to have a mixed crew in the cabin, espcially because som elderly people in Scandinavia don’t speak English.


Photo: Atle Straume/Norwegian

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