The taxi driver – another lesson in buddhism

It was another beautiful, hot day in Phuket. We walked from the hotel down to the beach when we stopped a taxi. Could he drive us to small, romantic beach with palms and coconuts, where we could stay the whole day?
He nodded. No problem.
It took about an hour to get there, and from the road there was a small path down to the pittoresque, little beach. I paid the taxi driver, and gave him a little bit extra. He smiled from ear to ear. The day had started well.
Maybe he could come back in the afternoon, I asked. Same fee, and this could be very profitable day for him, I said. But i shook his head. He wanted the rest of the day off, and it was not yet ten in the morning.
Why, I asked. Something wrong? Not feeling well?
I have already earned enough money today, he said. He wanted to spend the rest of the day with his family.
But if you work hard today, may be get some well paid trips during the day and come back here in the afternoon, you could have a whole week’s pay in your pocket, I argued.
He shook his head again, and I’m not sure that he understood what I was saying.
– Today is the day. Tomorrow is tomorrow, he said.


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