Hua Hin

Land of the smile

Yes, we have done a lot of mistakes since we bought a house in Thailand. We did in fact everything wrong in first place. We did not buy a finished house, only a prospect, and we signed the contracts before we had even seen the plot. We did not look around and compare our house with other properties. But we were extremely lucky. Today we own a house a kilometer from the beach in Hua Hin, Thailand. 30 minutes to walk, ten  minutes on a bike. We bought the house i 2006 and moved in a year later. Before that our family had been on holidays in Phuket, with wonderful beaches. But Hua Hin is different, a town where we don’t live together with thai people, we «falangs» are not in any way integrated in thai culture and way of living, but we are accepted as neighbors and members of the local society. In Hua Hin it is possible to live without being a tourist all the time. A  walk on the beach, in the fishing village or just sit in a small cafe and watch people go by – life is good in Hua Hin.

My wife and I are both working, but we try to spend as many weeks as possible in the Land of the smile. Our first long holiday i Hua Hin, five weeks, was in 2007. We thought we understood a lot about Thailand. We already knew a couple of thai words, and souls got warm with all the kind people that smiled all the time. Today I must admit that we did not know anything back then in 2006-7. We know a little bit more today. We know for example why poor people tend to smile more than rich people. It is not because poor people are happier than rich people.  A smile is a door opener, a way to optain something. Too often poor people don’t smile because they like to, but because they need to or have to.

Having said that, when I am in Norway I miss Thailand all the time – not only the sun and the wonderful climate, but all the wonderful people we have had the privilge to meet. This blog is about this: Meetings with thai cities, people and a culture I don’t know, but a culture I’m increasingly interested in knowing more about.

East is east and west is west, and never shall they meet, wrote Kipling. Maybe. Maybe not. I hope the stories I write can be useful in some way, either as a tourist or expat.The picture below is from Koh Tao, the turtle island, perfect for diving and with a very cool, laid-back atmosphere. Image

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